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  2. We do not accept credit cards
Before contacting us, please note the code of any products listed below that you wish to purchase, then use one of the methods described at the bottom of this page to place your order with us.
Current Stock Items
Code Description
100 7.92mm bullet keyring
101 7.62mm bullet keyring
103 .38 special brass bullet keyring
104 9mm bullet keyring
105 5.56mm bullet keyring
106 Kalashnikov bullet keyring
107 .45 Colt bullet keyring
.303 bullet keyring
109 9mm pendant
110 .38 nickel pendant
111 5.56mm pendant
112 Overlord pack
118 Collector's pack
113 Machine gun pack
119 SA80 pack
115 Mauser round
122 .50 Cal. round
128 Kalashnikov round
134 Dog-Tag pair
To make an order with us, either: 
  • Send us an email with the product code(s) and quantity you require (one per line) to
  • Contact us on +44 (0)1803 812058